LATIN I  SYLLABUS 2018-9                                               

Instructor:  Steven Ross



Room 335                                

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Office hours:  period 6 in Room 330                    

Phone: 354 –6800 ex.3301

Course Description:        Credit:  1

This course lays the foundation for reading and understanding simple Latin prose.  Linguistic emphasis is placed on grammar, morphology, vocabulary, reading skills, and comprehension.  Roman culture is studied by following the adventures of a Roman family in the connected reading passages.  Additionally,  Roman mythology, architecture, society, history, government, and English derivatives are studied throughout the first year. 


1) to learn linguistic concepts crucial to the study of Latin, English and Romance Languages 

2) to develop the skills toread and write Latin prose

3) to develop a greater understanding of the English language through the study of grammar and derivatives

4) to demonstrate correct pronunciation and accentuation ofClassical Latin as part of the learning process

5) to develop an understanding of Roman culture and civilization with emphasis on pre-Roman Italy, the regal period and the early Republic. 

6) to reinforce learning through linguistic connections with the Romance languages                           7) to develop an understanding of cultural and historical similarities and difference between the Roman world and the United States. 


Latin Syntax; Latin Morphology; Roman culture; Classical Mythology; Roman History; Mediterranean Geography;  Adapted Roman Literature


A total point system will be used to determine grades. A student’s grade will be comprised of the following:

Quizzes: There will be at least one short quiz per week (each worth 15-25 points). 

These quizzes may be unannounced. Do your Homework!

A quiz missed due to an unexcused absence may not be made up.

It is the responsibility of the student to reschedule a quiz missed due to an excused absence.

Tests: There will be a comprehensive test approximately every four weeks (value 100 points).

Assignments/Projects: There will be several short assignments (20-25 points) and generally one large project each quarter (100 points).

Translation/Participation: This grade will measure a student’s preparation for class which generally involves preparing to read, translate, and discuss assigned selections of Latin (100 points per quarter).

Homework:  There will be regular checks of homework. Failure to complete homework will adversely affect your grade (+/- 10-20 points).  

Exams:  There will be a cumulative exam at the end of each semester. It will count 20% of the semester grade.

Texts:         Goldman, Norma. Latin Via Ovid. Wayne State University Press, 1982

                   Palma, Roland and Perry, David.  Ecce Romani I.  Prentice Hall 2009. 


Materials:    Each student should have a number of pencils and one large 3 ringed binder to hold handouts and notes.  Access to internet at home is crucial. 

Expectations:  It is expected that students will behave like little saints at all times.


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