Like the ancient Greeks the polytheistic Romans worshipped a pantheon of anthropomorphic deities whose temples and images filled their cities and whose authority and presence governed almost every aspect of public and private life. 

A. Use material in and outside of the classroom to research your god or goddess.  Make sure you cover: 

  1. the general appearance of the deity and his/her attributes.  
  2. the most common myths involving your god or goddess. 
  3. basic function of this deity within the Roman pantheon of gods. 
  4. cultic worship of this god in a Roman context. 
  5. The places (geography) that are sacred to or associated with your god.  Email me with questions. 

B.  Design a poster that includes the following:

  1. images of the god and his/her attributes and the things with which this god is most associated.  Also include images of art/architecture from the cult of this divinity. 
  2. Latin words and phrases. Give dictionary entries.  Use an English to Latin diction to find as many words and phrases that evoke the authority and function of the god. 

C. On Monday, Oct. 31 each student will:

  1. Come to class dressed as the god or goddess.  We will take a picture. 
  2. Present the poster to the class and briefly discuss the god’s function within the Roman pantheon, the attributes and appearance of the deity and his/her essential myths. 

These posters will decorate then classroom. 

Value 100 points. 

Everything is due on Monday, October 31.