Videos & Paradigms for Nouns and Adjectives of All Five Declensions. Click to enlarge and download the paradigms below.  


Basics of Declensions

First Declension Nouns. 

Second Declension Nouns               Second Declension Neuter Nouns

First and Second Declension Adjectives.   Video.    

The Third Declension: Watch these video and take notes.  

Third Declension Nouns in General 

Third Declension Neuter 

Third Declension Adjectives

Fourth Declension Nouns:  Masculine and Feminine    &    Neuter

Fifth Declension Nouns

Paradigms all declensions .jpeg
Third declension neuter charts and vis, vis 3rd mother's book .jpg
Latin 2016-7 charts summary of all adjectives declension morphology copy.jpg
Latin II 2015-6 Demonstrative Adjectives hic ille is chart .png
ius paradigm from Mother's Book .jpeg
Latin II 2016-7 Chart paradigm comparative superlative .jpeg