1) History, Literary Background, etc. 

a) Battles of Civil Wars: Mutina, Naulochus, etc.  Know dates, who is involved, location and outcome. 

b) Genres and  literary antecedents for Vergil and Ovid, including significant Greek/Hellenistic Authors 

c) Biography and Works of Vergil and Ovid

d) Augustus and The Augustan Age 

e) Questions for introduction to Aeneid and Ovid, Fasti and Metamorphoses

f) Figures of Speech and Literary Terms, such a simile, ekphrasis, aetiology, intertextuality, etc. 

2) Latin

a) Eclogues 1 and 4

b) End of Geogrics,  book 1

c) Ovid, Fasti, Priapus and Lotus

d) Aeneid, Book One: Proem, Jupiter Speech, Ekphrasis at Juno's Temple

e) Aeneid, Book Six, lines 1-155. 

f) Ovid, Metamorphoses,  Polyphemus, Acis and Galatea