Latin AP Semester Exam

A. Material Ancillary to Latin Text.    20-30 % of exam

  1. Know the introduction/background information and introductory questions for both Caesar and Vergil.  
  2. Know the content of Books 1 and 6 of De Bello Gallico in translation. 
  3. Know the back outline of events from all 7 books of De Bello Gallico.  See Steadman's outline or email me if you need this handout.  You should have it. 
  4. Know details of the Caesar's biography, the Roman Army and the Geography of Gaul.   This podcast contains good information on Caesar's overall career. 

B.  Selections of Latin  60-75 % of exam

  1. There will be one selection from each of the four books of De Bello Gallico, which we have read in Latin (1, 4, 5, 6) and one or two selections from the Aeneid, Book I, lines 1-165.
  2. In total there will be 5-6 selections of Latin on this exam, which you deal with in various ways: 

    a) Short Essay, which asks you to relate style to content and provide literary analysis 

    b) Comprehensions Questions answered by citing Latin words and phrases

    c) Translation 

    d) Parsing 

    e) Figures of Speech

    f) Supply appropriate supporting information about context or individuals involved

C. Scansion of Dactylic Hexameter   5-10 %

Vergil reading  Aeneid  to Livia, Octavia and Augustus. 

Vergil reading Aeneid to Livia, Octavia and Augustus.