Practice Sentences for First Quarter Test





3) The whole army of our enemies was driven from the battle by three bands of our brave soldiers.    These three bands of soldiers had the best plan.    This victory seemed miraculous to all. 



exercitus, -us (m) army 

ago, agere, egi, actus - to drive

proelium, -ii (n) battle

manus, -us (f) band; hand

victoria, -ae (f) 

consilium, -ii (n) plan

miles, militis (m) soldier

optimus, a, um -best 

tres, trium, tribus, tres, tribus - three

mirabilis, -e - miraculous 




4) Our ships have been driven into those rocks by the great force of these winds.  The sailors themselves were thrown into the sea to their death without any help of their own gods. 



navis, -is (f) ships

saxum, -i (n) rocks

vis, vis (f) force 

ventus, -i (m) wind

nauta, -ae (m) sailor

iacio, iacere, ieci, iactus - to throw

mors, mortis (f) death

auxilium, -ii (n) help

deus, dei (m) god

ullus, a, um - any 




5) The leader of the whole army will be led in this battle by a great hatred of these enemies.   It will make many attacks into the right wing at first light. 



dux, ducis (m) 

exercitus, -us (m) 

proelium, -ii (n) 

odium, -ii (n) hatred

impetus, -us (m) 

hostis, -is (m) enemy (i-stem)

cornu, -us (n) wing of an army

lux, lucis (f) light 









6) In a few months this savage war will be waged by you with great eagerness for victory.   You have sharp swords and great strength.       For you victory seems certain.    certus, a, um 



mensis, -is (m) month

gero, gerere - to wage

saevus, a, um - savage

studium, -ii (n) eagerness

victoria, -ae (f) 

actus, a, um - sharp 

certus, a, um - certain